This Verified Clean Certification should be displayed to let your customers know that you are abiding by strict cleaning guidelines and help them feel comfortable in entering your establishment. 

The certificate should be placed in a noticeable location in your establishment and will also reside digitally for consumers and employees to see that you truly maintain cleanliness at the highest level.

To qualify for the certificate, you must follow the 5 steps below:


Follow CDC and OSHA protocols for cleanliness


Use EPA approved chemicals for cleaning


Use professional janitorial service providers on consistent basis or the Verified Clean Protocols


Have no space closure or pathogen-based incidents in the past 30 days


Submit a cleaning confirmation and post your Verified Clean Certification

Vector Clean offers full room UV-C light cleaning by placing multiple sanitizing tripod-like units in a designated room to completely disinfect hard to reach areas that are not caught by traditional cleaning methods. This technology, typically used to sterilize hospital rooms, is now available commercially for faster sanitizing times thanks to Vector Clean.